04 May 2010

Bloomin' Beautiful Crimping Tutorial

Thank you Lee Conrey from Stampingleeyours

I finally had a few minutes to do a tutorial on this card. This card features “Bloomin Beautiful” from Stampin’ Up! I’ve had so many requests to share this so I hope you enjoy it.


Finished Card

Crimping Technique………………….

First you need a piece of card stock measuring 4’ x 5 1/4”…you will need to have this piece marked on the center edge of all sides as seen below. The center is 2” on the short sides and 2 5/8” on the long sides. Mark with pencil so you can erase


Then you want to score from a long side to a short side as seen here marked by a broken line (dashes).


and score….


Once you have scored it you will need to fold it in… like this;


then you will place it folded into your crimper… as shown below


try and keep it folded


Run it though the crimper and don’t despair when it hasn’t totally crimped in the center. Simply open and crimp again from both sides to the center to get full crimped coverage.


like this….


do this from both sides to fill in the center and you’re done!!!! Now that wasn’t hard was it?

Now to get the cute little diamond shapes for the inside of the center…I crimped another piece and cut the center out (large diamond) and cut it down to where I wanted it. Make sure to cut equally on all sides to make your templates and then trace to cardstock. That’s it!!!

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